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Meet Sami

Recently we were thrilled to provide a local CT girl with a specialized bike which will help strengthen her legs (and might be fun too!). Sami is an 18 year old who has had seizures since birth. She is developmentally delayed and mostly non-verbal, but has a handful of words. She needs assistance with all aspects of daily living skills.

Sami is mobile but over the past few years her knees have “collapsed” inward requiring physical therapy and exercise. The bike we purchased will be a highly motivational and effective way to strengthen Sami’s legs in the proper alignment.

One of Sami’s favorite places to use this is at the mall, where her parents bring her quite often. She can enjoy being around her family and interact with the public at eye level while building strength. Foundation founder and board member Todd Tango said, “We used to take Molly to the mall and Molly loved it when we held her hand and ‘walked’ around the mall while in her wheelchair.” This bike will enable Sami’s parents to do the same while helping Sami strengthen her legs. We are so happy we could make this happen.

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