About Us

The Molly Ann Tango Memorial Foundation was established in 2004 by Todd Tango and Cathy Tango- Dykes in memory of their daughter Molly.  Molly, a beautiful little girl, was born with multiple disabilities and required ongoing extensive medical care.  Although non-verbal, Molly touched the lives of all who knew her with her sparkling smile and incredible spirit.  Despite the many obstacles she overcame in her short life, Molly passed away in 2003 at the age of ten years old.

To honor Molly’s memory, Todd and Cathy established the Molly Ann Tango Memorial Foundation in 2004 to provide support to other families who care for children with special needs.

Since its inception, the Foundation has helped more than 200 families with children with special needs throughout the eastern United States, providing guidance and financial support. A 501 (C)(3) organization, the Foundation was originally established by members of the Tango family and has grown to a 16 member volunteer board. The Foundation is especially proud of the fact that over 90% of monies raised go directly to the families they support.

In addition, a junior board, comprised of local high school students, provides community outreach and social support to children with special needs, their siblings, and their parents. Some special events in which the junior board participates includes assembling and distributing Easter baskets for recipient families, participating in Ridgefield’s annual Halloween Walk for children, and various events for other holidays.  They also participate in a pen-pal program with our recipients and have special play-date visits.