Board of Directors

Unlike many nonprofit organizations with expenses for salaries, rent and utilities, the Foundation is completely staffed by dedicated volunteers who enthusiastically donate their time, talents and resources to help children with special needs in Connecticut and the surrounding area.


Catherine Tango-Dykes
President, Case Manager

Deborah Haughney
Vice President, Public Relations, Case Manager

Rick Tango

Michelle Desimone
Recording Secretary


Cathleen Becker
Case Manager

James Dykes
Case Manager

Lisa Eckstrom
Grants Coordinator, Business Sponsorships, Case Manager

Kathy Hardin
Special Needs Consultant, Case Manager

Trisha Kokas
Secretary, Case Manager

Kathy Reiff
Special Needs Consultant, Case Manager

Caitlin Tango
Case Manager

Todd Tango
Case Manager

Colleen Weitkamp
Special Needs Consultant, Case Manager