Sami’s New Bike!

Last week we were thrilled to provide a local CT girl with a specialized bike which will help strengthen her legs (and might be fun too!).   Sami is an 18 year old who has had seizures since birth.  She is developmentally delayed and mostly non-verbal, but has a handful of words. She needs assistance with all aspects of daily living skills.

SamiSami is mobile but over the past few years her knees have “collapsed” inward requiring physical therapy and exercise.  The bike we purchased will be a highly motivational and effective way to strengthen Sami’s legs in the proper alignment.

One of Sami’s favorite places to use this is at the mall, where...

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A New Wheelchair for a Very Special Boy!

In the summer of 2013 the Foundation was pleased to purchase a wheelchair for Eduardo, a six year old RMATMF Eduardoidgefield boy who was born with SMA Type 2.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is characterized by progressive muscle weakness from degeneration and loss of the lower motor neurons in the spinal cord and the brain stem nuclei. Poor weight gain, sleep difficulties, respiratory complications, joint contractures and paralysis are common complications. There is no cure.

Despite his diagnosis, Eduardo is just like his first grade peers. He loves Legos, museums and art. He plays baseball with the Holland League, rides horses at Pegasus and swims.  He has a beautiful spirit and...

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Meet Laney!

Laney, 10, of Fairfield County, like most kids her age, longed to learn to ride a bike. Her sister received a bright, shiny new two-wheeler for her 10th birthday and Laney dreamed that was what would be awaiting her as she turned 10 eleven months later.

For Laney, born with Childhood Apraxia, Developmental Coordination Disorder, and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder, while also recovering from a skull fracture sustained because of her disability, that would not be an easy task.

“A simple thing like buying a bike, is something most parents just take for granted. They can run to Target, and zip, zip they are done!” her mother Julie explained.

Rather than devastate Laney, her parents researched alternate solutions to the bike/balance problem, and found...

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